Working Groups

International Working Groups

There are International Working Groups (IWGs) of World NCD Federation in specific thematic area which will take forward the agenda of World NCD Federation to bring focus on Public Health Approaches in Prevention and Control of Non communicable Diseases globally

Terms of Reference
  • Each group will have 6-8 national/international experts as members and inform the Governing Body
  • There will be chair/co-chair for each working group besides interested governing council members.
  • Each working group may work out its specific term of reference, road map of activities for the next 3 years and will work for strategic positioning and partnership with like minded professional association/Advocacy group in their respective area.
  • IWG may consider initiating one national or international course in their respective areas.
  • Group can also work on evidence based management guidelines in their respective area.
  • Group may work out scientific contribution in newletter/Journal of WNF to be launched in future.
  • Group will finalize programme in National/International conferences in their respective areas