Second World NCD Congress 2020

The Second World Noncommunicable Diseases Congress is co-organized by the University of Michigan (USA) and the World NCD Federation (India).
The scientific program unites basic, clinical, and data and implementation science approaches – examining how to translate research from these domains into policies that can promote health and prevent chronic disease and disability. Participants will explore how such approaches may be applied in practice locally, nationally, and internationally.

The initial conference planned for August 2020 was repurposed into a virtual conference for July 2021 with an accompanying publication series with two journals as bookends before and after the virtual conference. All of these align with our overarching goals of the noncommunicable disease prevention and management, the cross-cutting risk factor approach, and diversity commitments for geography, ethnicity, gender parity, multiple sectors, and multiple scientific disciplines.

The theme for the World NCD Congress 2020 publications is "Knowledge to Action: Preventing Noncommunicable Diseases At All Levels." The theme for the 2021 virtual conference will be "Global Prevention of NCDs in the COVID-19 Era: Where Do We Go From Here?"

The 2021 virtual conference will assemble stakeholders from around the world and across diverse sectors to address the critical and growing impact of noncommunicable diseases on the well-being and economies of all nations. The conference will leverage cutting-edge research to inform multi-sectoral concerted action to reduce the global burden and negative impact of NCDs around the globe. The conference will address the evidence base and recommended actions for one or more risk factors: nutrition, physical activity, stress, substance abuse, demographics and social determinants of health, climate, environment, and genetics.

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