Centre for Implementation Sciences & Research in NCDs

Why the Centre?
Implementation is a major challenge in any national NCD programme and most of the
programmes are new. Also, there are long delays in translating research into policies and actions. Keeping in view of these gaps, World NCD Federation has taken a major step in establishing the Centre for Implementation Sciences & Research in NCDs (CISR-NCD) which aims to identify the bottlenecks, move ideas and innovations into action to strengthen the existing national programmes. The research is local, regional, national and international in scope and involves collaborations with stakeholders and knowledge users at each level in key healthcare priority areas. The main goals and activities of the Centre include research, training and capacity building of professionals, the implementation, management and use of a new technology or the adaptation, management and use of a new or particular skill or concept.


  • To strengthen implementation of National NCD Programmes
  • To promote training and capacity building efforts to improve national research for NCD prevention and control with a special focus on implementation research.
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating lifestyle and community-based interventions to improve the prevention and control of chronic disease in resource constrained settings and countries.


  • Technical support for Implementation Research Projects under Call for proposal
  • Virtual Course on Implementation Research in NCDs
  • Capacity building and training of professionals
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowships
  • Student Exchange

Ongoing Projects

  • Implementation Research framework for NCDs guidelines in India and Africa.
  • Implementing Multimodal Approach to Chronic Non-cancer pain management at primary health care settings.
  • Delivering a “standardized package of care” for diabetes in primary health care settings in Maharashtra, India: effectiveness & experiences
  • Implementation of Integrated screening and assessment of Non-communicable diseases
    (NCDs) in North India- A community-based, pilot mixed-methods study.

Annual Reports of the Centre