Centre for Sustainable Development, Health and Wellness

Smart Sustainable Village Development Initiative (AYUSATTVA) by World NCD Federation

Centre for Sustainable Development, Health and Wellness

Need for the initiative:

Chemical toxicity of our natural resources like soil, water and air pollution is a real problem and needs to be addressed on priority for sustainable environment, health and planetary health.

States like Punjab are facing serious environmental crisis with widespread water, soil and air pollution. There are serious problems of chemical toxicity of surface and ground water and soil leading to chemical toxicity of food chain thereby having serious adverse effects on health and evidence of genotoxicity on population. There is need for a centre focusing on sustainable development, health and wellness which can act as demonstration centre with active participation of stakeholders and community.

Focus areas: Sustainable Agriculture, One Health and Wellness, Cancer Prevetion, SDGs, Rural Development

Address: Village Gurah, Tehsil Majri, Distric Mohali, Punjab, India