School Health Accreditation Program

How can accreditation program lead to development of Health Promoting Schools?

Process of accreditation to become a Health Promoting School is a continuous process. The diagram has inner overlapping circles which represent the principles to create Health Promoting Schools. The outer cycle represents the steps which concerned stakeholders may follow to become and sustain the status of Health Promoting School

Procedure of Accreditation

A. Preparatory phase

Assessment teams composition: Accreditation team can be constituted by involving 3 stakeholders. The following members should be included in the Accreditation team:- Administrators, Representative from Education and Health department, Public health specialist/Health promotion officer, Representative from QCI, A local nurse or health care provider from community, Leaders of teachers' representative organizations, Representative from NGO, Retired teachers, Parents /parents’ association representative, A food service provider /Dietician/nutritionist

Training of the team: One day workshop on accreditation process can be provided for sensitising assessors who are new to the process. Accreditation team will be trained in assessment and accreditation standards and scoring and will visit the school and assess them with participation of school administration.

Logistics to be carried: Accreditation team should carry a copy of manual, adequate number of accreditation forms and pens etc.


B. Implementation phase

School Visit: Assessment team on expression of interest from school authorities will plan the visit. They will be flexible in scheduling visit as per school authorities. The assessors will carry checklist and will score according to indicators/accreditation standards scoring criteria, will classify them as per accreditation standard.

Award of certificate: According to the scores given by accreditation team total points are calculated and accordingly bronze, silver, gold and platinum standards are given and respective certificate is awarded. Schools can display this certificate.

Scoring criteria and Award of Accreditation

The accreditation checklist has 24 quantifiable indicators with minimum score of 24 and maximum score of 72. Score of 1, 2 and 3 are awarded 3, 6 and 10 points, respectively. Based on 24 indicators, the school may score a minimum of 72 and maximum of 240 points. Accordingly,  the schools may be ranked as follows:

Bronze: 100-120 points

Silver: 121-150 points

Gold: 151-200 points

Platinum: >200 points

Health Promoting School Levels

Bronze - Building the foundation for Health Promoting Schools

  • Understand and prepare to implement Health Promoting Schools
  • Develop a one year action and evaluation plan based on the needs identified (addressing three health and well-being priority areas)Form School Health Committees
  • Health cards (including immunization for every student and students with any special medical needs)

Silver - Maintaining and developing Health Promoting Schools

  • Maintain requirements for Bronze Standard Accreditation
  • Implement and monitor an annual action. Evaluation plan based on the needs identified. To address further three health and well-being priority areas and demonstrate improvements
  • Strengthen parent engagement
  • trengthen student voice
  • Needs Assessment done with documentation

Gold - Sustaining Health Promoting Schools

  • Maintain the standards of Silver Standard Accreditation
  • Implement and monitor annual action plans. Address all other health and well-being priority areas & demonstrate improvements
  • Promote environmental health
  • Promote staff health and well-being
  • Strengthen community engagement
  • Develop or review a new entrant induction package which supports student health and well-being

Platinum - Sustaining Health Promoting Schools

  • Maintain the standards of Gold Standard Accreditation
  • Develop a three year strategy to further improve school community well-being
  • Implement and monitor annual action plans. Address all other health and well-being priority areas and demonstrate improvements
  • Mentor and support new Health Promoting Schools as mother school and assist in the accreditation process of more schools
  • Assist as Accreditation examiner