Bid for Third World NCD Congress 2023

Bid for Third World NCD Congress

World NCD Federation is inviting the bids for Third World NCD Congress to be held in 2023. The closing date for Bid Application is 31st October 2019

All bids must be submitted by Candidate Cities with conference centers with a proven track record of hosting national and international conferences. Working together with local government, academic institutions, tourism bureaus and private industry. The selection will be done based on all the factors combined, i.e. quality, responsiveness, access, bid, idea etc.
The Applicant should specifically cover the followings in the application.
  • Name of the Host Institution/University/Organization
  • Name of the Chair of Organizing Committee/Organizing Secretary
  • Why host Institution/University/Organization is interested to host Third World NCD Congress in 2023 (200 words)?
  • What is the institutional capacity of Host Institution/University/Organization to host Third World NCD Congress in 2023 (200 words)?
  • How host Institution/University/Organization intends to raise resources for hosting Third World NCD Congress in 2023(200 words)?
  • What plans do you have to support participation of colleagues from Low & Middle Income Countries?
  • Any additional statement/remark which strengthen the case of host institutions to host next congress in 2023
The interested institutions/Universities/Organizations may apply to the President World NCD Federation in the above format preferably through their Head of institution (email application to:, with copy to Prof JS Thakur, President World NCD Federation, email by 31st March, 2019 the last date of application.