Apply for Accreditation

Apply for Accreditation

General information:

  • Accreditation validity: Accreditation Certificate is valid for a period of three years. Once expired, school head may reach out to us to renew the certification.
  • Renewal of accreditation for Health Promoting School: The renewal will include fresh assessment for Accreditation by our dedicated team.
  • Accreditation fees: INR 1,00,000/-

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Accreditation includes the following steps:

  1. Expression of interest by school
  2. Organizing meeting with the Principal and key staff
  3. Staff presentation and concept sharing
  4. Appointment of coordinator
  5. Establishing Health Promoting School Committee
  6. Raising awareness and consultation
  7. Setting priorities and developing an action plan
  8. Implementation of action plan
  9. Application for Health Promoting School Recognition
  10. Health promoting School Certification
  11. Reviewing and planning for next phase

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